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Catnip Bravo X Transformers

Catnip Bravo X Transformers: Optimus Catnip Bravo Plush based on the art for our line of Catnip Bravo and Transformers plush toys. Soft minky fabric. 10 inches tall. Licensed by Hasbro.

About the Characters:


FUNCTION: Adorable Cat who plays video games with friends and dreams of being a hero.

Catnip Bravo is the lovable cat who lives and works at Symbiote Studios. He angrily quality tests all the toys and gleefully lounges in the plush toy bin. Catnip Bravo™ is featured in video games such as Rivals of Aether™, Cat Quest 2™ and Move or Die™.

OPTIMUS PRIME FUNCTION: AUTOBOT LEADER Optimus Prime is the noble leader of the heroic Autobots. He believes freedom is the right of all sentient beings. He carries the Matrix of Leadership, an ancient and powerful artifact that gives him upgraded abilities and knowledge of all Cybertronian history. He is beloved for his compassionate nature, steadfast leadership, and heroic feats in battle.


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