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Catnip Bravo

Catnip Bravo Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

Catnip Bravo

Catnip Bravo is a simple cat. His main motivation in life is eating good food, hanging out with friends and finding love. His favorite food is a burrito and his favorite beverage is coffee and milk tea. 

Catnip Bravo® Characters 

Firecracker Raccoon

Firecracker Raccoon is quick to get angry, but always a loyal friend. He enjoys safely setting off firecrackers and finds explosions of all kinds calming. His favorite food is Double Cheese Chicken Sandwich from Cheeser's Chicken. 

Firecracker Raccoon Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors
Kabao Bear Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

KaBao Bear

Kabao Bear works at the boba tea shop called the Boba Beige. His boss is Ai Chen. Kabao easily falls asleep and is constantly getting woken up by Firecracker Raccoon's loud personality.

SB Bunny

SB Bunny works at the same toy factory as Catnip Bravo and Firecracker Raccoon. She is the most analytical of the bunch and uses her mind to calm her fears.

Catnip Bravo SB Bunny Front Image
Catnip Bravo Toad Hornace

Toad Hornace

Toad Hornace is the misguided boss of a video game company that Catnip Bravo and his team have to meet with to pitch toy ideas. While Toad Hornace means well, his lust for money and fame often get in the way of him making the right decisions. His favorite pastime is counting money, yelling at his head programmer Jorgi and watching Hockey. It is still a mystery who his favorite team could be.

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