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Catnip Bravo Bubble Tea Adventure

Catnip Bravo, an all around rad cat, brought his friends Firecracker Raccoon and SB Tuzi to the hot new Bubble Tea shop called Boba Beige. Boba Beige is run by Catnip Bravo’s new friend Ka Bao Bear and his long time friend and coworker at Symbiote, Ai Chen. The shop serves the most delicious bubble tea with lots of options and several types of flavors.

You might wonder what is Bubble Tea? Bubble Tea has its origin in Taiwan and is made from a combination of tea, milk and tapioca balls in the bottom of the drink. Bubble tea has now expanded to all over the world. If you get a chance give it a try at your local shop.

The only thing better than bubble tea is having it with friends. Catnip Bravo is a friend to everyone. Now you can bring Catnip Bravo home in the form of an adorable plushie. Catnip Bravo plush can be brought with you everywhere. If you ever need a friend, pick up a Catnip Bravo plush.


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